Addressing Anchorage’s rising crime rates will be a top priority of mine on the Assembly. When I knock doors in my community, my neighbor’s number one concern is public safety. As a father and a community member, this is unacceptable. We cannot continue to live in fear. Increasing the police force was an essential first step that I support, but more police alone won’t solve our crime problem. Crime is interrelated with issues such as drug and alcohol addiction and mental health. We need to provide thoughtful, comprehensive, and practical solutions.



We face some difficult challenges as a city and state, but our community is a strong and resilient one--and one that is full of economic opportunity. We have a thriving business community in West Anchorage, and I pledge to continue to support local business on the Assembly by leveraging my 25 years of experience leading organizations. I will work to lower unnecessary barriers to entry, practice fiscal responsibility, and grow consumer confidence. We all succeed when our local businesses succeed.




I come from a long line of Alaskan educators--my parents were teachers up in Utquiavik (Barrow), and I have spent a large portion of my career focused on education, including four years on the Anchorage School Board. With the Governor’s new budget, we have a serious fight on our hands. Our public schools face drastic funding cuts and a renewed push toward privatization. At this critical juncture, we must stand up for our kids to give them the education they deserve.